Sunday, May 13, 2007

2 day sofa-to-arse contact marathon.

I am a list-maker, that's what I do, I love to make lists, I make lists. Because I love to. Now that the semester's over and I have a whole month until my summer class begins, I I have the will to make time for self-improvement, which is something I have to work to keep as a high priority. Because of my ADD. I should also mention that sitting squarely on my butt usually has the kind of effect on me that makes me feel like a bum and I get very motivated to DO SOMETHING, like later on or tomorrow sometime.
Things to do.
1. 15 pushups and 15 situps a day. At least.
2. Keep this blog, as my journal keeping has fallen victim to the afore-mentioned ADD.
3. Finish Lonesome Dove before the summer session starts. (HOW do you underline!?!?!)
4. Become computer savvy.
5. Mail thank-you cards, letters, notes, when necessary. Keep the US Postal Service in business. Rebel against my newfound computer savviness.
6. Eat out/drink Coca-Cola no more than twice a week. Three times. No, twice.
7. Sleep no later than 10. No napping.
8. Take up photography.

Trying to decide if flossing deserves a place on the list.

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