Saturday, May 12, 2007

Believe me, it was hot.

About an hour ago I put an oversized band-aid with an undersized pad on my big toe, which was caked with dried blood and oozing some clear yellowish fluid. I won't go into any more detail about the appearance of the wound, but it actually took enough time to clean and dress that I went into some daydream about myself as a surgeon. The next order of business was applying aloe vera onto my very sunburned shoulders and face, except of course for the clearly outlined white part around my eyes where my sunglasses were. I was also thinking about my poor emaciated stomach, who hasn't had any digestive action since yesterday afternoon. It's just a good thing that I got home when I did, because I happened to see a pig on my way home and got this strange glint in my eye.

When I drove to campus today I hadn't really planned on being gone very long. I obviously hadn't intended to need medical attention when I got home because I had let us run out of Neosporin. Had I known, I certainly would have eaten breakfast. I actually considered putting sunscreen on my bare shoulders (which are particularly sun-sensitive) before I left home, but optimistically thought better of it. I had a few loose ends to tie on campus at the end of the semester, so I hopped in my trusty Nissan to make the trip, which is about 20 miles one way. I had been ignoring the blaring engine light for a couple of weeks, so when I noticed that the temperature gauge was so hot that the needle had pushed past the top line I probably should have been concerned, but I still just thought my car was being a drama queen. Then this dashboard light I had never seen before lit up that said, "You don't ignore me, bitch!" This, I found out, is not uncommon, it's something most people know as "overheating". At some point the help of one of the art students was enlisted, and his suggestion was "you need to take out the broke and fiddle with it."
Because I personally don't know what to do with an overheated car, I called my brother to help me and stood in the sun for the following 2-3 hours. And stubbed my toe on a tree root, which I'm pretty positive actually pushed itself up out of the ground in front of me maliciously. It was pretty graphic.

Sometime when I was waiting for Dylan (my brother, you guessed it) to arrive and before I was hobbled, I did get to go into the air conditioned gallery in the fine arts building to see the graduate show, and may I just say, bravo to all of you who will not be reading this. It was really amazing work.

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