Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas gift idea for the fashion lover/people watcher/wannabe hipster.

Here's another Christmas gift idea for ya. Again, it's a book. This one is for the style lover/photography lover. I think it would appeal to most ladies.

If you've seen Scott Schuman's blog The Sartorialist at least once, you're probably addicted. A self taught photographer and fashion voyeur, he basically stalks people on the street with a unique look or style and takes their picture. In doing so, he has created some of the most beautiful portraits. Though his subjects are always people, the end product is not just a portrait of a person, but a portrait of a place and time as well.

I bought the book when it came out, and I've tried to take pictures of the inside to give you an idea of the variety of looks he captures, but they just look pretty rough, so just try and look past all that.

(Good thing I painted my nails last night huh?! Whew!)

I suppose I would call it a book of style first, but it reads more richly than a fashion spread because these are real people wearing their own clothes, and they don't have to be designer or anything, what's special is how the person wears them.
It's a very plain book, but it's less expensive than most books of photography because it's a small (but thick) paperback.

Available here: The Sartorialist by Scott Shuman, Amazon, $16.50

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