Friday, September 18, 2009

I thought y'all needed a week off.

Yes, I know, I said SUNDAY and here it's...not Sunday. I know. SORRY.
My feeble excuse is that I was trying to get permission from my brother-in-law to put pictures of his kids on the internet, and we kept missing each other all week, so. The real reason, as you may have guessed, is that I'm just incurably lazy and Project Runway and Mad Men were on my DVR saying "WATCH ME FIVE TIMES, ALYSE! YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED A PART!" They speak to me, really. (Side note: If anyone knows how to do hair like January Jones has hers on Mad Men, please contact me immediately. There is a reward. Thank you.)

So I'll go ahead and give the easy rundown of the weekend: we were in charge of one 9 year old boy and one 13 year old girl. The girl, Caroline, is just as sweet as she can be and is really no trouble to look after. The boy. Brian. Talk about alpha male. He may as well have been twins for all the trouble he is to watch--it took two fully grown adults (and yes, I am talking about myself and my husband, we all may as well admit it) to keep track of him at all times. We took him to the grocery store, and if you took your eyes off him for more than two seconds, he would vanish. The first time, I turned my back on Brian and Edmund to examine something on a shelf. When I turned around, no Brian, but Edmund had interested himself in a bag of chips or something equally uninteresting, and didn't watch the kid. Five minutes later, we found him on the video game aisle. The second time, we were walking through the produce, and how you lose a kid amongst produce I do not know, but we did, and found him hanging from a vegetable scale, weighing himself like a kumquat. And then Edmund tried to do the same thing and I had to drag the two of them out by their ears. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know much of the alpha male in the human species, but for dogs, it's useful to turn them on their backs and rub their bellies till they submit. Try that next time. :) Stephanie