Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aboot the hoose.

Edmund calls these his Mother Theresa mugs.
I don't really like these mugs. I have cool mugs that I painstakingly collected over time because they're COOL. I didn't fully understand my husband's need to have a bevy of mugs available to him at all times, maybe a dozen in a single day, and he took matters in his own hands and bought himself mugs. I won't go into how much this bothers me; it's like him picking out a china pattern without me, knowing that I would own more dishes than a wise person should if I had the storage, such is my luuurve of china. ANYWAY, the point is, I don't like 'em.

And this is our towel rack. Oh, mama. When you turn the hot water on, (and no, I can't get hot water at the flick of a knob here. It's because this apartment wasn't built properly.) the hot water runs through the pipes on this sucker and makes it sizzling hot, which heats your towels to cuddly perfection. No more freezing when you step out of the shower. Mmmmmm.

You know that expression "luck of the Irish"? I think it's a misnomer. (Did I use that word correctly? I just wanted to sound smart.) They aren't lucky, they just have better ideas. This is a typical electrical outlet. The switches turn the current on and off to the socket, so that if, say, a toddler was wandering around the house with a spoon and decided to stick in in the outlet, it wouldn't do nothin'. The switches aren't too easy to flip, either, so a young child would have a harder time turning them on. It's great for me, too, if I want to wipe them off with a damp rag and live to tell about it. Oh, and it keeps energy costs down. Voila.

And finally. My reader probably already knows that I have an Achilles heel in Coca-Cola. It is, I think, the drink of the gods. I met a guy the other night (someone Edmund works with, it wasn't like THAT. I wasn't cruising for hotties.) who said that he thinks Coke can cure cancer. I don't know, I think it probably would be more likely to CAUSE cancer, but to get the motivation to look into it I would need a Sonic Route 44 of Coke first.
I've been a little disappointed in the Coke here; it tastes a little different, a little sweeter, and it doesn't bite the back of your mouth in the way that I like. I think it might be that it's made with real sugar instead of corn syrup, but who knows? Anyway, these little babies make me so happy I had to show you. They are mini cans of Coke. I know they make those 100-calorie cans in the US, but these are smaller than even those. They are the cutest things you have ever seen and they give you just a little hit of carbonated goodness to get you on your way. I want to wear them around my neck like a tribal chief, or string them around my ceiling with lights in them. I could just start hoarding them, I don't know. They're just swell, and (did I mention?) cuter than a basket of puppies.

Just thought I'd show you a few things around Casa de Sheridan que me likey.

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Anonymous said...

I dunno, my puppy is pretty darn cute. Also, how am I supposed to guage the size with the bell pepper? Maybe you just have ginormous peppers there... eh? (yes, I'm Canadian now) -Steph