Friday, August 7, 2009

La Vie

I guess I'm not the kind of housewife, whatever I might want to let on, that gets up bright and early and, after seeing my husband off to work with a kiss, sweeps off the doorstep. I seem to be the kind of housewife who sleeps half the day and doesn't leave the apartment, and gets overwhelmed by the housework (in an apartment?!) and watches TV for a while before she decides to shower at 3 or 4. I do make my husband dinner every evening--good dinners, too--but some days pass without me ever leaving the apartment. What kind of life is that?

The bus, my archenemy. I don't know why it intimidates me so much.

I am afraid of going out and getting a job, lest they do it differently over here, or something?

I go through calling cards to my family and friends like it's going out of style.

All the things I said I would do when I got here--I have only actually done two: cooking a lot and blogging.

Who moves to a place as great as this and then sleeps all day?

Now, my family is going to read about this and worry. I don't want them to--I've got the happy pills. But. I need to get over myself and start getting ideas. When I get ideas, I get excited. I get happier. The only problem is, when those ideas don't work, I get so let down.

So. Small ideas first. Baby steps. I have my slippers on already.

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