Friday, August 28, 2009

How to enjoy Alyse sensibly.

Today I'm just going to add a handy little user's guide to my website. There's not much to get, actually. I mainly want to highlight a section I have added to the left of the screen (see me mimicking an air hostess as I gesture to the left) called Pick o' the Litter. Basically it is intended for my reader (when I get more than one I'll start referring to you in the plural, thank you) to get an idea of what is making the headlines on this side of the world. Some of the headlines are funny and some are serious. I just thought you might like to read what everybody is talking about here. I haven't been going in depth with it, I've just been pulling the news stories from two of the main newspapers here, the Irish Independent and the Irish Times, and the main radio and television station, RTE. So if you have any comments or suggestions for me, let me know. Examples of acceptable feedback include:

-I couldn't be arsed to look at your stupid news section, and if I wanted to read the Irish news, I would read it myself.

-It's okay, keep it on there.

-You're a scholar of the highest order, Alyse Loving or Sheridan or whatever you're calling yourself this week.

Are these side sections interesting? Should I keep them? Lose them? I would appreciate any suggestions that would help me make a more interesting blog. Remember, I stake my self-worth on how many people read this.

Hee hee.

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Anonymous said...

You're a scholar of the highest order Alyse Loving Sheridan.....

Keep it on there. I do read it.....but I enjoy the odd ones best.

Here's one currently on MSN:

What fake city was home to "Breakfast Club"? Riddle me that, genius.

I think I use too many ......'s.