Friday, August 28, 2009

Alyse's guide to the internet.

Since I do have a lot of time to waste, the internet sucks up a lot of it. I spend a good bit of time reading different blogs and news sites every day, and I thought I might share some of my favorite time-suckers with you. But only check these out AFTER you've read "Picka Pocketoni" by David Sedaris. That's your homework. It will nicely supplement this post about an American man on the London subway, although it will really really REALLY highlight what a weak writer I am next to Sedaris. But I don't mind. Onward. To my favorite websites.

Dooce. The blog that got me into reading blogs.

Pioneer Woman. Ree is sort of my soulmate. The second blog I fell in love with. Amazing cooking section.

The Sartorialist. Fashion/style blog, lots of street style and excellent photography.

Garance Doré. Another style blog that I found through The Sartorialist. The sites she recommends on the right of her screen are usually very interesting. Mostly style and fashion related. Pretty things.

Garfield Minus Garfield. Such a simple little thing--taking Garfield out of his own comics and leaving...Jon. Genius. Makes me laugh every time.

Slate. Current events and culture articles.

People. Gotta have that celebrity shot.

The Onion. I don't think I need to explain.

NPR. Luurrrrrve NPR. News, podcasts, the world at your fingertips! Try listening to some of their podcasts. Start with All Things Considered, then try Fresh Air. It's worth tolerating Terry Gross for the great interviews.

That should take you some time. Happy surfing!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of NPR...I forgot to tell sister was recently interviewed by NPR regarding the Falconer who comes out to the vineyard. I'll update you on our next phone chat.

There's goes those .....'s again.