Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Laundry-induced psychosis.

Yesterday was laundry day. The little washer/dryer we have can only hold four or five items at a time, so needless to say, the pile wasn't much diminished.
It was a little entertaining, though, going through my husband's pockets. He's a little bit of a packrat in the pocket department. When he sees something he thinks might come in handy later, he pockets it, then forgets about it.

In this case, he must have forgotten that we have pepper at home, and the little sachets were too cute to resist. Dental floss? He's a very clean individual. Obviously he was carrying the American money around in case I needed a reminder of home.
And the plastic?
I'm considering an intervention.

In other news, I got myself insured to drive legally over here. But I am still not confident enough to venture out in an automobile in the big city. So I continue to be hemmed in here, homebound.
-Why don't you take a walk, Alyse?
I'm too lazy, folks. Ooh, look! Border Control is coming on!
-But, Alyse, you can take the bus. Didn't you say there was a bus stop right outside your apartment?
Yyyessss...but the bus scares me. I am easily intimidated.

Maybe one of these will come through and I can buy myself a place so big I never have to go anywhere!
And a decent washing machine.

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