Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alyse-0 Bus-1

I tried. I really tried.

I went outside. I contemplated. I licked my finger and tested the wind.
I had already conquered the first obstacle: showering and venturing outside in real clothes.

My mission: go to the mall.

It would be a better story if I told you that I got up this morning, made myself a cup of coffee (instant--coffee makers are only found here at the end of rainbows), opened the blinds to a sunny morning, and said "You know what, world? I think I'll get out. I think I'll GO SOMEWHERE. We could use a couple more towels around here; why don't I take the excellent public transport to the mall and pick some up?" And then I actually go.

Let's go over the truth, shall we? We strive for honesty here. I'm nothing if not forthcoming.
You all know me. You know I'm lazy and agoraphobic and a stranger in a strange land with a complex about making phone calls to people who might not understand me well, so you probably already sensed this coming.

Version 2
For whatever reason, the apartment building in which we live is not finished yet. I can't imagine what the reasons for that might be, since it has been under construction for quite some time and they certainly stopped short of perfection in our place. Maybe the contractor is lazy and agoraphobic and a stranger in a strange land too.

This is the hall light next to the front door. Obviously left this way to keep a post-modern aesthetic.

Anyway, like I was saying, they're still working on the place, and the noise today was unbearably loud and constant and I don't think they took so much as a tea break. By three o'clock, I couldn't take it anymore. Why did it take until 3? I call it legendary perseverance. Edmund said it was stupid. Whatever the case may be, I got fed up and that leads us back here:

I stood resolutely, studying which route to take. Studying the times. Yes. Mmm. I had my plan of action. I even had half and hour before the bus got there. Everything was in order. So I went upstairs to wait and called Edmund.

Edmund, I'm going to the mall. I'm taking the bus.

The world was open before me. Irish eyes were smiling.

Back in the apartment with my purse on my lap, waiting, I couldn't help but notice that the noise had stopped and Top Gear was on. It was strangely peaceful.

I missed the bus.

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