Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Space filler!

I've been a good girl all my life. True, when I was a kid I was always the one who got spanked, but I was always the one testing the boundaries. My brother, no fool, kept his mouth shut when he felt like he needed to, but I always had something to say. And it usually was a little disrespectful. But that didn't make me a bad kid: I could never bear to break the big rules when it really came down to it. Which was why in high school I didn't run with the wild crowd: I didn't smoke, drink, let someone feel me up on prom night. I didn't even drink alcohol at all until I was 21: I felt that it was only right. I knew too many people who got into trouble that way. On my 21st birthday, I drank a little, maybe two drinks, but I wound up PRETENDING to be drunk because someone was trying to kiss me and people (read: guys trying to kiss you) forgive you for saying rude things to them when you're drunk. True story. I pretended to be drunk because I couldn't stand to politely tell someone to piss off.
The End.

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