Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Community Spirit.

Because I don't have enough to take care of while I plan a wedding, I signed on to do Follies, a local variety show that benefits a charitable organization in the community. This year, it was the Community Health Service Agency, who gives medical assistance to people who can't pay for it. I was a newbie in a group of diehards who do the show every time and take it very seriously. I really should have looked into the costume changing arrangements and the protocol thereofwhichof. Let me just say that it's a very. Very communal setting.

I don't have enough good sense to be embarassed about undressing in front of a couple dozen women, but I did notice during one of my costume changes--and since no one reads this I have no second thoughts about telling you--that my bikini line needed some attention. I get tired of shaving my bikini line because I am always terrified that I'm going to nick something important, so I thought that for the first time a waxing might be in order.
I did it.
Apparently, when an ugly rash not of the diaper variety presents itself, you can still use a diaper rash cream to treat it. But that doesn't stop the pain.
So my fiance and I had the following conversation:

ME: I want laser hair removal for my bikini line.

EDMUND: What if times and trends change and you regret losing that hair later?

This is where I don't really have anything more to say. So I'm just gonna end things here.

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Sarah Lambino said...

Don't let it embarass you, but I read your blog. I find exceedingly amusing.