Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What happens when your brain drools

Lately I just haven't been feeling it at all. At all. What "it" is, I can only speculate. It is not my Frankensteinian hand, which I have most certainly been feeling, and it isn't school stress, because you better believe I have been feeling that too. I have caught what they call senior-itis in a bad way. I can't seem to focus on my work at school or muster the ability to get something done more than 12 hours in adavance. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in some sub-standard stuff, papers and the like. I took a test last week that was not graded because I forgot to put my name on it. What kind of elementary mistake is that? And that was before The Weekend of Self-Medication.
The Weekend of Self-Medication was a kind of last-minute change of plans, the plans previously being listed on one of my famous To Do lists. The first action packed To Do list looked something like this:

1. Get up and watch
2. Eat the
3. the then maybe rent a movie?
4. Eat something
5. Continue to sit and think about clouds
6. Find a or something like that if you want
7. Clean bathroom.
8. Laundry

Since I rarely get to item 5 or six let alone 8, it was probably a safe assumption that laundry wasn't getting done ANYWAY. Plans derailed when I nearly decapitated my fingers from below the knuckles and needed some pain medication. I was given a prescription for Hydrocodone, but because getting that would require me to actually go to a pharmacy and pick it up I chose to take my mother's leftover Darvocet, another prescription painkiller she had leftover from when she had a mole removed on her leg. My To Dos were subsequently modified as follows:

1. Take Darvocet
2. Lie down.
3. Sleep.
4. Wake up nauseous.
5. Put head between legs, try to eat
6. Turn on movie and pretend to watch before falling back asleep.
7. Wake up nauseous.
8. Ask Mom to wash hair in sink.

So remember kids: Don't self medicate. If possible, avoid prescription painkillers altogether.
So I don't know what It is, but I haven't been feeling it. I have a feeling the orange bottle on my nightstand might have more information about that.

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Anonymous said...

At least now if you ever have surgery and they say "are you allergic to anything" you can, again, pause for a moment and mention it. You also might look around for a little green cricket in a dress jacket and top hat next time you consider taking an opiate. :) -Steph