Friday, October 5, 2007

Gitano, Lee or Jordache?

Tonight at work we were merchandising clothes and came across some truly hideous sweaters which we were forced to hang up and feature as if it were something everyone would want to wear. And not just the mothers of those who like to wear velour jumpsuits. Which got us talking about clothes, which reminded me of The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Worn. It was so effortlessly chic, so unbelieveably cool that I am willing to explore the possibility that the tides were pulled towards me that day and not the moon. I will describe it to you.

-White tee shirt, with two dinosaurs on the front. One neon pink, one neon green. Above their heads was a hologram ON THE SHIRT. This remarkable shirt was gathered together in front, slightly to the side and threaded through a t-shirt ring.
-Almost-white denim shorts rolled up above the knees. Bam.
-Plain black ballet-type flats.

Coolest thing I have ever worn. I was 6 or 7.
Top that, Kate Moss, so-called best dressed woman in the world.

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