Sunday, October 21, 2007

The sympathy button

I have decided to wear my hand bandage for as long as I can, long after my stitches are out and my laceration has healed. If I had realized before what a hand bandage can do for you I would have been buying gauze with my milk each week. People hold doors for you, people ask you sympathetically what happened. I tell them I got into a fight with a jaguar. It's great. They just go out of their way to help you and ask you how you're doing. I wonder what would happen if I wrapped my head in a giant bandage; I bet I could get away with all kinds of crazy behavior. I could tell them I had a brain injury and be free to say whatever I wanted:
"Lemme guess: You're a stripper? No? Sorry, I was just judging by the makeup and the way you dress."
Because I so could have used an excuse to say that this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Things you could say/do while in recovery from a brain injury, Discuss. Oh gosh! I'd have fun with this one....