Friday, October 19, 2007

If this makes sense

I have been a little afraid to say anything about this for a while because I was worried that someone might read it, but I feel like I just need to be more open and honest since this is something that has really been heavy on my mind. Don't get all freaked out, it's not that bad. I wonder--and I think I've asked this before--at what point is it okay to give up on someone you love? At what point is it okay to say "I love you, but we can't be close" and strictly limit that relationship? For a year now I have been asking this question about my father. He and my mom have been divorced for eight months now, and the relief that I felt when it happened has yet to settle into a permanent contentment because he refuses to accept it. He believes that they are "still married in the eyes of God" and has changed himself so dramatically that it's hard to know whether it's good change or bad. As a result, my mother, who is much happier since the divorce, associates only bad feelings with him not only because of his actions precipitating the divorce but now also his failure to move on since, and the way he treats her. It is so hard to see her trying to move on with her life and him hell-bent on stopping her.

It is my opinion that he's not healthy right now. I love him. He's my father. I want to see him happy. This makes me feel guilty for the times when I get so tired of trying: trying to be nice, trying to make time for him, trying to forgive him, trying to treat him the same, trying to improve our relationship. Sometimes I wonder if he does these things deliberately. But if he can't move on with his life and let others live too, others that I love, all this effort will be wasted. It feels like I either have to keep pushing the stone up the hill because I love him or abandon him. And I can't abandon him.

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