Monday, October 29, 2007

Rallying Point

I'm sorry for the light posts lately. I've had a hard week.

Sometimes it's hard to get myself rallied around things. I almost said, "It's hard to get myself excited about things", but anyone who knows me knows that's all I do: I get excited about things, then kind of begin to wonder if it's actually just overrated. A few examples: graduating from college, getting married, having children (actually, in principle I think having children is great, it's just going to Wal-Mart that makes me skeptical about them), eating locally and healthfully, showering. I start to wonder about stuff like this every time my one and only bill is due each month.
Something I can always get myself excited about is Halloween, seasonal changes, and the celebrations involved. I love the idea of people walking through crisp air between crackling leaves dressed in disguise for one night, when putting dried gourds and wreaths on you door is a celebration of plenty and all that, and Thanksgiving is right on the way. I love that there's an actual day allotted for the celebration of plenty and love and full bellies. I say this honestly, I wish the whole world could have a full belly on Thanksgiving Day. And then I would buy them all a Coke.
So what I mean to say is, I always get very excited about the whole season and thinking of a cool costume and all that, and then when the day actually comes I get a little humbuggy. Every year I worry about a costume to wear and I always come up with something I like, but as usual my mind is a complete blank. Last year, I went as a Lunchlady. It was priceless, just trust me. Year before, I was Charlie Chaplin, and the year before that I was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Halloween night, would you believe, the only costumes in the stores are in the Christmas sections. This year I really need to think of something, but how am I supposed to do that if I have to devote all my energy to things like remembering to chew and swallow after every bite?

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Anonymous said...

You could be road-kill this year. I can't claim the idea, though; I saw it on tv. -Steph