Saturday, August 25, 2007

Separation anxiety

It bears mentioning for those who don't know that American Airlines lost my suitcase somewhere between Chicago and Dallas last weekend. I lost so many things (material things, mind you, but good things) in there that I can't help but be extremely upset about the whole situation. I feel like someone whose house burned down, except in this case, the bag was carelessly lost by someone I guess it would be more like I pay someone to paint my house and they put a lit match in a can of paint thinner. After the firefighters quell the blaze the painter might, say, assure me a week later that they will replace everything except the expensive stuff. Because it seems that American Airlines' compensation policy for luggage THEY lose covers no cameras, jewelry, medicines, electronics or electronic accessories, etc. (i.e., the expensive stuff). All of which were, in some form or another, in the bag.
You know there's a flight attendant in someplace like Phoenix wearing my new snakeskin heels with my fake pashmina shawl popping my antidepressants like they were Certs.

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