Monday, August 27, 2007

Ode to summer, complete with premature marriage preparations

This weekend was a condensed version of summer's best activities: produce shopping at the Dallas Farmers Market, lounging by the pool with my mom and grandmother drinking cold beverages, having a birthday party for said grandmother complete with bruschetta made from said Farmers Market's fresh East Texas tomatoes, and ice cream sundaes. I must've needed a perfect weekend to remember the summer by, because school starts tomorrow. That, and it really seems like my life is in a hurry to start. Besides starting a new job September 16, I will soon be graduating and also (according to my mother, grandmother and certain close friends) getting married.
This is news to me, people. More importantly, it's news to my boyfriend, too, I can tell you. I'm putting this in its own section so that no one misses it.
The fact that we're secretly engaged is not the only thing he doesn't know. I've stealthily been keeping a few things from him. Things like the fact that my mother recently inquired about wedding reception costs at a venue in Dallas, specifically, "What if we need a lot of beer? Do you serve Guinness?". Things like my grandmother stopping at the Texas Visitor Center/Tourist Office recently to pick up a bagful of travel literature on what certain Irish guests might find exciting to do in the greater Dallas area. You know, while they're here picking blueberries.
Some people would get angry or annoyed over things like this, but like I was saying, it's Summer. Why should there be a stick up my ass when there's a lake down the road? On that note, I know I should start making some specific life goals and it's only Summer Vacation until midnight when I turn into a responsible adult again, but there's still ice cream left in the freezer and rum in the cabinet and my luggage is technically still on vacation, so isn't this hot August weekend still mine for the having?

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