Sunday, June 17, 2007

Soul searching

As I have spent the last couple of days since my last post in the throes of an extreme case of writer's block, which usually goes hand-in-hand with wanting to write something really really bad, I have been trying to put off blogging until I have something really good to say. Something really interesting. I don't, but I'd hate to let this whole thing lapse since I've let it get this far. (By this far, I mean not successful but representative of a Hell Of A Chunk Of My Time.)
I wish I could even give you some kind of anecdote, some kind of fun list, but even those are leaking out of my ears at an astonishing clip. And you know me, I talk a lot. Even when I shouldn't especially when I shouldn't. But maybe you've been wondering, all you fans out there, all three of you, what I've been up to. Here's a rundown, in list form, as is my joy and my solace:
1. Mowed the yard, attemped to weed-eat (the only verb in existence with a hyphen perhaps?) until the orange cords that should tear through sod and soil with vicious slices, terrible and fearsome with its precision. I had fantasies of wielding the weed-eater with such ease that I was corrupted with the clean-shearing power, and trimmed the base of every bush, every tree. The orange cords broke and I spent three hours coming down from my sweaty fantasy.
2. Cleaned up a stray piece of cat poop behind the litter box, which I had smelled for 3 days but never sourced.
3. Baked cookies, as baking realigns my chakras and harnesses my chi, while giving me simultaneously a warm delicious treat and some padding around the extremities for the upcoming trip to Ireland, where the cold wind blows all summer long.
4. In an act of unabashed extravagance, I bought myself copies of both OK! and People, which is the reason my chi needed harnessing and my chakras their alignment.

Tomorrow, a report on the housewarming party I will be attending tonight. The kind of housewarming party Angela needed to buy 2 liters of rum for.

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