Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pensivivity Part 1

Everyone familiar with Texas summers may not have batted an eye, but I've noticed a few things lately as I've been looking for alternative ways to pass the time I should be using for homework. Even when I'm not looking I've noticed things, which is both good and bad. But anyway.
This week the temperature shot up to a comfortably roasting 93 degrees. This falls around Level Orange on the Alyse Temperature Description Scale, which I have had to devise for those acquaintances of mine who use Celsius, and even then they don't really comprehend.
Level Apocalypse: Anything above Level Red, which you don't have to worry about because you're dead.
Level Red: Sweltering. Will fry not only skin but food as well, either on a flat concrete surface or the oven of your car.
Level Orange: Toasty. Will fry skin but not up to eggs yet. Requires skimpy clothes unless you attend my school where they keep the AC at Level White, which I'm getting to.
Level Good: It's good. Wear what you want as you walk through the fresh green grass.
Level Green: Nippy. Some intrepid folks might wear short sleeves, but many would prefer a Members Only jacket or some other light cover.
Level Blue: Cold. Not readily recognizable below the Mason-Dixon Line.
Level White: A climate that might be associated with one of Pluto's moons, if it even has any. Recognizable on this planet in frigid regions such as Siberia, Antarctica, and Ireland.

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