Friday, May 25, 2007

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

A funny thing happened this morning. I got flowers for my birthday, and my cousin's friend Zack delivered them. I know Zack; in fact, I hung out with him just last week. For some reason, though, when I answered the door and the happy rush that flowers give me had passed, I thought,
Hey, that delivery guy looks just identical to Zack Newell. What do you know!

I thanked him and took the flowers. He kept standing there, grinning, and says, "They're not from me, sorry."

Oh! I think. This delivery guy's a jokester!

So I laugh, and try to think of a way to respond. He says something else but I don't hear it because I am busy marveling at the uncanny resemblance between Adkisson Florist's delivery driver and Zack Newell! I wonder if he knows there is a person who looks just like him around town? I was just thinking of how to tell him when he says "So do y'all have anything planned for the weekend?"

Thankfully, I realized then that the delivery man was, in fact, Zack Newell before I had the chance to think that someone was simultaneously hitting on me and handing me a bouquet of flowers from my boyfriend.

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meshea said...

aja made fun of my laugh while i sat here at the computer with a glued half-crooked smile on my face, reading your blog entries. apparently according to aja, this was the funniest to me.just letting you know the details of my computer adventure today.