Monday, May 28, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Birthday Edition

My birthday came and went this weekend. I really can't remember a birthday I enjoyed more, despite the quarter-life crisis.
Thursday, my father took me to Saltgrass for a birthday dinner and we got along as well as if not better than we have since the divorce. The biggest disappointment of the evening turned out to be that Saltgrass doesn't give you free dessert for your birthday.
Friday, Edmund flew in from Ireland for a day and a half, just to see me for my birthday. He surprised me after my cousin's graduation ceremony (congratulations, Bayli). When I saw him standing there, my mother told me I looked like one of the people on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at the moment Ty Pennington rolls the big bus aside and they see their new house. But better. And I got flowers. And he's cute. What a man.
Saturday I spent the day with Edmund in Dallas. Edmund likes shopping in the good ol' US of A because our dollar is so weak compared to his One World Master Race Euro. ( Just kidding. I like Euros; not only do the Irish ones have those cute harps on them, they give you good exercise because you are carrying around a pocketful of metal all day. On that note, I think I will start referring to Euros as Doubloons.) This means that clothes are cheaper for him here, so we went to the mall for the day, then later met my friends and some other people I didn't know for my birthday party and danced the night away.
Today, Edmund went home and my family came over for a dinner of KFC, fruit (because my grandmother had to slip SOME kind of nutrition into that dinner), and chocolate trifle.
It felt like a kind of birthday Hanukkah: four nights of celebration, and people who love and care for me. What present could I have asked for that would have compared with that? If turning 25 has made me any more self-conscious about aging, then I can worry no more, because if the Fountain of Youth exists I found it this weekend. I can't believe how lucky I am.

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