Sunday, May 20, 2007

For whom the bell tolls

I think my relationship is in trouble. It used to be bliss for days on end, it used to be just the two of us together, it used to be fun. But all of a sudden people are making demands of him that I don't want to deal with, and I'm afraid this means the relationship may have run its course. Free Time and I have been having these problems for a couple of days now, which isn't that long, but when I look to the future, it appears pretty bleak, too. And we've only been together a couple of weeks.
Yesterday my mother and grandmother both began asking questions about when I was going to get a job. "A job??" I thought. "I would NEVER cheat on Free Time." Then they began asking me about what Free Time and I did together, so I lied. I told them that we wrote, worked on resumes, and checked up on employment opportunities. I simply couldn't tell them about the wonderful closeness that we have, because let's face it, people get jealous. Especially women.
The thing I like the most about Free Time is that he is SO the opposite of that. He was totally cool with me going shopping yesterday with them, even though I didn't have any money. He just knew I liked the company and the atmosphere, and he wants me to be happy. He is also totally cool with me looking at other guys, because there's this Irishman I've had my eye on for a little over 2 years or so now, and Free Time's all, "Hey, why doesn't Edmund stop by for a threesome?"
But our days are numbered, I can feel it. Today my mother tells me we need to clean the house, and keeps asking me if I want to DO things. It's like she's TRYING to break us up, because let's face it, she thinks Free Time is a bum. Everybody knows that when your parents start trying to control a relationship, the bell is already tolling. Unless you move away, which I could never do. The rent here is free.
(If you missed stories of Free Time and me in the happier days, see this post.

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