Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A public shaming!

As an afterthought after the post below, I would like to use this opportunity to publicly shame my mother. She won't directly know it, because she doesn't read my blog. But maybe my reader knows her, and can heckle her, and she won't know I said anything. That might be better.
The city we lived in gave each and every one of its residents a green recycling bin to be put out once a week alongside the regular trash. It was an easy little thing to carry out as it was fairly small and not smelly like the regular trash can. Immediately upon receiving said bin, my mother promptly took it to the next door neighbors to see if they wanted ours.


So I ask her, "Where's ours and why do the Wilcoxes get two?"

"Oh," she says. "Because I gave them ours," she says.

Meanwhile, the Wilcoxes are being the good citizens that they are and my mother can't be bothered to recycle as much as a Coke can. I called the city and got us another one, and my mother actually resisted! She claimed it would attract rodents and bugs. It never did.

Reader, this is the woman who positions her bed north to south so that the earth's magnetic fields won't clash with her insides, but she flat out refuses to recycle. If any of you out there know her, make sure to tell her that she is a bad citizen. And be loud about it. She gets embarrassed easily.

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Anonymous said...

aw man, i wish you had mentioned this earlier because i probably won't see her again now till your next wedding - xoxo, steph (the friend in the later post who gave her name and phone number to the psycho dude) :)