Wednesday, September 9, 2009


See, it's like this. I know I haven't had a lot to say the past few days, but that's because my life's fairly boring. I haven't even cooked for the past two days, which means that my kitchen hasn't been cleaned for the past two days. And when your kitchen's as small as mine, that's saying something.

I've just been enjoying having a husband. More than that, I've been enjoying all the stuff he lets me get away with. For starters, there's the crappy reality television. You could also count the hair in the drain and that I sometimes forget to shave. If it's my legs, he's nice and doesn't say anything. If it's my underarms, he thinks it's funny to call me Nena.

I don't mind it if he calls me Nena. You know you loved the 80s too. You know you're singing "99 Luftballons" right now.

By far, the best thing Edmund lets me get away with (aside from my typical insane behavior) is reading aloud to him. I've always loved reading aloud, but that's a problem because I've never been interested in being a kindergarten teacher. I tried reading to my mom a few times, but she can't stand it. You know how you read an article or something, and go, "Whoa, listen to this!"? Well, try that with Mom and she says, "No, I'd rather not." If you were telling her she'd won the lottery, and you wanted to read her the news out of the paper, she'd just rather not know.
But Edmund lets me do it. I read to him during car trips and sometimes at night before we go to bed. During our relationship, we have gotten through Zadie Smith's On Beauty and White Teeth, Me Talk Pretty One Day and Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris, (we like consistency) and now we are on book 5 of the Harry Potter series. We stayed up until 2:30 in the morning last night to finish the fourth and a bottle of red wine. And he LIKES it! Says it calms him down.

I just don't think I could have a happy marriage with a man who wasn't illiterate.


Sarah K Lambino said...

alyse -
you're so funny and witty and entertaining. I love your take on life. not that you're not normal or anything, but your perspective makes me feel like it's okay to be slightly left of center (me, not you). i miss you and it sucks that time spread us so far apart.

Anonymous said...

Okay, laughed out loud at this Edmund's expence.


Anonymous said...

Expense??? Right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Anonymous said...

aw, that's so cute. do you ever test him afterwards to see if he was listening? :) -stephanie

Anonymous said...

btw, i agree with ms. lambino, who i have not seen in many a year. -steph

Laura said...

I have to beg my husband to read out loud to me. I love to be read to but I usually have to settle for reading books the old fashioned way or audiobooks.