Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's the first of September and-

It's been raining a lot here lately.

It's like as soon as September hit, so did the weather. September came and made the "new sheriff in town" announcement. August was like the babysitter that let the kids stay up past their bedtime and eat a lot of sugar. Then the parents came home.
I shouldn't have forgotten that this is IRELAND. How d'ya think the Isle got so Emeraldy? I'll tell you how.

I actually like rain. I don't mind it so much. This peaceful downpour you see here, they call "lashing rain". I asked Edmund if they ever actually got rain that lashed, that you could feel hitting you like sharp little pellets, and he said no. I guess us Tejans are tougher than we think.

One thing all the rain has made possible--or unavoidable--has been nice little nights in. We go downstairs to the Spar, buy a couple bottles of wine, and sit in. It being a Friday, and me having forgotten to defrost the meat for dinner, we ordered Domino's. Man, I love Domino's. Is it weird that it tastes the EXACT same here as it does in Greenville, TX? The Coming of the Pizza was brought to us by a nice little delivery man who had the Heat Wave bag strapped to the back of a little motorbike. It was really cute. Wine and pizza for dinner in a tiny apartment with Pulp Fiction on telly? Aaaaahhhhh.

Then we played two games of Uno, which really made me question the integrity of my spouse. Aside from the fact that I have never. NEVER. won a game of Uno against Edmund, I really don't think one can trust an individual who shuffles cards like this:

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Anonymous said...

ooh, they've got this super-uno or something like that now that has a dispenser that deals the cards for you and randomly decides how many you get... there apparently is a trick, because when i was playing many, many times with my younger cousin, i managed to win because i hit the button very have to hit it just right. try getting one of these and try that (unless he happens to read this in which case, don't bother but otherwise, you will definitely beat him...*insert evil laugh*) -stephanie