Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Housewife Part 1

I've been thinking lately. In the interest of making this site well-rounded and not boring (Fine job so far, Alyse, I hear you say), and in the additional interest of improving myself as well as my readers, I am going to share some of the things I think you people need to know.

In brief (you all know this already, but have patience, someone I don't know might read this!), I finished college, got married to a man from Ireland, moved with him to Dublin into a small apartment, and became a housewife. Jobs are hard to find right now, especially if you plan on leaving for 3 weeks during Christmastime, so here I am. I spend an embarrassing amount of time online every day reading blogs, browsing home design sites, Etsy, eBay, etc. And I'm going to do it. The definitive guide to being a housewife. I'm going to give you the essentials in parts. Any input would be welcome too! It's no secret that I don't know everything.

Today's post started with this:

An apron I got from my Grandma's house. I don't know where it came from originally, but it was always in her dress-up box, and most recently it found its way into a garage sale pile, which is where I rescued it. Look at the colors! They are my current favorite color combination and I can't get over how good it's going to look with my avocado green appliances. When I get them. And oh yes, I will get them. Every good housewife needs to know how to cook a thing or two and bake a thing or two. If you know how to make one or two things well, you'll get the reputation for being a whiz in the kitchen, and a little boost to the ol' ego isn't going to hurt us, is it? When my things arrive from the big ol' boat, I will have a recipe box onboard, and I can't wait to fill it with the recipes I've collected since I've been here.

Start here: a recipe box and a totally retro apron.

Made To Order Recipe Box, Etsy, $18.00

Recipe Card Set and Martha Stewart Box, Etsy, $50.00

Retro Cupcake Apron, Anthropologie, $32.00

Plaid Utility Apron, Etsy, $30.00

The Lady's Apron, Anthropologie, $32.00

Start there. When you have the apron and the recipes, go grocery shopping. Then get back to me and we'll really get going. I'm only getting warmed up here.

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