Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Pronunciation: \ri-ˈsȯrs-fəl, -ˈzȯrs-\
Function: adjective
Date: 1851
: able to meet situations : capable of devising ways and means [a resourceful leader]

Class, please use this in a sentence. "If you move to another country, you must be resourceful in order to keep your sanity."

In my case, I live in a first-world industrialized country, so it's easy to find creature comforts. You just have to know who to ask.

First, it was the instant coffee problem. I didn't have to ask anyone except my husband/chauffeur/sugardaddy where we can buy kitchen appliances in the absence of a Wal-Mart or Target. (I believe I waxed poetic about that last time.) Coffee maker. Boom.

Next, it was delicious baked goods. I went to the master, the guru, the I Ching: The Pioneer Woman. Boy, does she know her stuff. Did you see that apple pie I made? Boom.

Today, I turned my attention to personal grooming. What if I want a haircut? Pedicure? BIKINI WAX? The logical first step was Google. If you can believe it, I didn't get any luck. I didn't Google spas, because they tend to be more pricey than your average salon. I needed a Dublin-dwelling female to ask for a recommendation. This is where it gets tricky,because I don't have any friends. But Edmund does. He has a few female friends that he works with, who are all very well-groomed. Truthfully, if I could get popped out of their salons looking like any one of them, sort of like a car wash, I would be very pleased. So I asked him if he could query the gals about salons IN GENERAL.

"What are you looking for?" he asks.

"I just need a place I can go for those kind of things. Nails and waxing and stuff. I really need a bikini wax."

"Okay, I'll ask where you can get bikini waxes."

"Wait! No, just ask about salons in general. You can't go asking girls at the office where they get their bikini waxed!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll find out."


"Okay, okay!"

A friend of his from work emailed him a listing of salon recommendations, including one which specializes in waxing. It looked very nice and I made an appointment, but I can't help feeling a little guilty sicking my husband on the poor unsuspecting female population. At least I wasn't looking for a boob job.

Next on my list: Twinkies. And if there really is such a thing as Santa Claus, Little Debbies too.

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