Monday, August 24, 2009

A Love Story.

This little marvel of modern engineering might be my favorite thing ever. I know I've said this before, about Sonic Happy Hour and Daniel Day-Lewis and The Beatles and DVR. And I meant those things. But at the moment, I really mean it this time. The London Underground was my special friend the day I first met it, eleven years ago, on a student trip to Europe. It was completely easy to figure out and impossible to miss. Those thick, bold colored lines. That font--so plain but instantly recognizable.

We met again in 2004, and it was like lovers reuniting. When the even, mechanical voice came over the speakers to announce "Marylebone" or "Marble Arch" I got little shimmies up my spine.

This time, I was taking the Underground from Heathrow airport to the hotel. It only took a moment or two to reacquaint myself with my old flame. The convenience, the completeness! So comprehensive but so simple. Ahhh....

The Tube would never let me down. It's loyal, patient, and almost always on time. It always calls if it can't make it. The Tube is considerate, too. There's always a seat when I'm having a bad day and plenty of signs everywhere to make sure I know where I'm going. When I step off the train, it always reminds me to "Mind the gap". It's the mechanical equivalent of offering a lady your arm.

I know the Tube loves me, too.

We'll be together again soon. I promise.

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