Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Procrastinators Anonymous

For the first time in my life, I have reached a point of such domestication that I have taken an active interest in yardwork. I guess it could be explained by the fact that I have lots of more important things to do, such as Spanish homework and remembering to flush the toilet, and because I don't want to do those things I find something that can assume (in my mind) the position of Utmost Importance and Urgency.
A couple of weeks ago, when I had the house to myself, I noticed that the lawn was looking a little shabby. Our neighbors call in teams of professionals to mow their lawns, but not us. No sirree. Why spend money on something you can do yourself? is the rationale for hard labor around this house. This also means, incidentally, that years will pass before a project is completed around here. There is a 15-foot crater in the backyard that has been the future site of a beautifully landscaped brick fire pit for 4 years, if you want examples.
But as I was saying, the lawn looked shabby. Not to be outdone by a team of Spanish-speaking, weed-eater wielding lawn pros, I took on the task of mowing and edging our front yard. (Who cares about the back, it's fenced.) I got it mowed, but the edging is still on the to-do list for now because of all the beautiful rain we've been getting. I don't mind the setback,though, because then I have to find something else of Utmost Importance and Urgency to fill the time until I can get the yardwork done. Something like, say, reading all the Harry Potter discussions on Amazon. Stamp collecting. Blogging. Heavily considering a feature on here listing the numberless ingenious ways I have devised to kill time. And by "kill time", I mean "avoid responsibility".


Laura Selph (Walker) said...

Hey Alyse! I found your blog through a link on Jennifer's and its great to hear a little about what's going on in your life. Also, you are just as funny as ever. I never knew you were such a way with words. Anyway just wanted to say hi!

Jennifer said...

haha...laura found you! good stuff. you'll have to let me know what you think of American Gods.

p.s. my blog moved.